Painful Dental Hygiene: What’s Going On?

You know, of course, what it feels like to brush and floss your teeth and for it not to feel bad in any way. It’s just a neutral experience that doesn’t feel amazing or bad or anything extreme. However, when you find that as you go through the essential requirements associated with a job well done with your dental hygiene and you’re in pain, it’s obvious something is wrong. What to do, you wonder, and why on earth does this daily task suddenly feel so bad? Fortunately, our Ankeny, IA team is on the scene to guide you through what might be happening and how to fix it, so you can get back to comfortable care.

It’s Your Approach

We want you to remember that uncomfortable smile care is sometimes the result of the way you’re practicing it! Even though you may have some very good intentions, it’s sometimes easy to accidentally do things that can prove harmful or painful to your smile. So, let’s take a moment to talk about what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your dental hygiene approach:

  • You should not press hard or use lots of force
  • You should be gentle and delicate
  • You should not rush
  • You should take your time, so you’re not aggressive

It’s Your Products

The again, even if you’re being quite gentle and you’re on track with your dental hygiene technique, your products can cause you some problems! If it hurts, you may be using something that’s too hard or strong for you, etc. For instance, if your bristles are firm rather than soft, this may feel uncomfortable. If you’re using a mint toothpaste that’s just too strong, ease up with a gentler flavor!

It’s An Underlying Oral Health Problem

It’s possible that as you do anything at all, from practicing dental hygiene to eating, you may deal with pain because you have an underlying oral health problem that requires our attention. Do yourself a favor and follow through on any restorative dental care we suggest, such as a filling for a cavity, so you can get back to brushing and flossing that feels perfectly fine!

It’s Something To Come In About!

Remember that painful dental dental hygiene is a very good reason to schedule a dental checkup with us. We want to see you, so we can make sure you’re okay and so we can help you improve your approach, if necessary!

Address Uncomfortable Hygiene ASAP

Don’t let painful or otherwise uncomfortable dental hygiene fly under the radar! Come in to see us for a relaxed dental checkup, during which we will help you identify the problem, as we uncover a solution. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.