Ways You Realize You Have A Cavity 

For some patients, there’s not really any upset in terms of finding out that tooth decay is present. After all, you are well aware that we offer comprehensive restorative care (that looks beautiful), so you know we can help you get your smile back into lovely shape. Instead, the area of cavity formation that causes you some anxiety is the fact that you often wonder: How do you know if you have one? What steps need to take place in order for you to figure this out and then address it? Though this may seem somewhat mysterious, our Ankeny, IA team reassures you that it’s not. Find out a bit more about the discovery process!

You Get A Toothache

We want you to remember that if you have a toothache, this may be the catalyst that lets you seek out further information, which will verify whether you have a cavity. For instance, let’s say you suddenly notice that your tooth hurts. As a result, you contact our dental team to let us know that your tooth doesn’t feel very good. Then, you come in for a checkup and we tell you that you do (or don’t) have a cavity. If it’s tooth decay or any other issue, we will recommend the treatment you require to return to oral health!

You Get A Zing! Of Discomfort

Maybe you don’t get a toothache. Instead, what you deal with is a sudden zing here and there of immense discomfort. It might be when you take a sip of very cold water. Maybe it’s when you bite into a piece of candy. In any case, refer to the aforementioned toothache details as you see how your detection and diagnosis of a cavity will likely unfold!

We Find It During A Routine Checkup

It’s not necessarily going to be something you need to wait for and end up discovering, once a cavity has become deep enough to become uncomfortable, remember! In many cases, it’s entirely likely that we will be the ones to find the tooth decay. When you come in for six-month dental checkups with us, we will see any decay that has just begun to form, so we catch cavities when they’re tiny and very simple to treat.

Keep Your Smile Cavity Free With Prevention 

Prioritize your dental checkups and cleanings with our team, along with your dental care at home, so you may easily keep your smile in wonderful condition, as you avoid the development of tooth decay. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.