Preschool Story Time: Special “Bee Themed” 

What are your children’s thoughts on bees? Do they love them? Do they run screaming at the first “buzz” that they hear? If you happen to be a bee enthusiast and hope to educate your kiddos on these very important pollinators in our environment, then the upcoming Preschool Story Time: Special “Bee Themed” event in our Ankeny, IA community may be just right!

What’s This All About?

Preschool story time will take on a whole new outlook during this event: All things bees! From learning about beekeeping and all that it requires (there’s some very neat equipment to discover), to hearing a tale about sweet honey bees, and more, this is one educational experience that will be quite enjoyable! After all, it will be presented by the Central Iowa Beekeepers Association Honey Queen herself, Abigail Kelly, who certainly knows a thing or two about these fuzzy, winged creatures!

When It Story Time?

The story time event will take place on October 14th, 2019 from 10:30am to 11:00am!

Where Is It?

Learn all about bees, honey, and more at the Kirkendall Public Library. It is easily accessed at the following address:

1210 NW Prairie Ridge Drive
Ankeny, IA 50023

How Much Is It?


May I Contact The Library?

Have bee-related questions or otherwise? Just buzz the library at (515) 965-6460!

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