What Is My Dental Care Actually Doing?

You know that your dental care, which you so lovingly practice in a committed fashion every single day, is doing something very important. If our Ankeny, IA team were to ask you what it is that your smile care accomplishes, you would likely tell us that it’s protecting your oral health! However, do you really know what that means? Are you sure about the more intricate details about what your brushing (and more) is doing? When what you’re after is information, we’re happy to report that we are certainly the right place to come for further facts! Learn more, as we explain!

Removing Plaque, Bacteria, And Daily Debris

We remind you that when it comes to what your dental care is doing, it’s important to get down to the very, very basic, fundamental details as you begin. When you’re getting quite literal about how your brushing, flossing, and visits with us are impacting your oral health, the following is true: You’re removing plaque, bacteria, and debris from your smile. When you brush, you remove the bulk of it. When you floss, you get beneath your gumline and between teeth for further cleansing. Then, when you see us for cleanings and checkups, we remove anything that’s left (and any plaque that has become tartar).

Protecting The Appearance, And Superficial Smile Details

Remember that when you’re removing plaque, bacteria, and debris from your smile every day, twice a day (and you’re seeing us, too), you’re doing what it takes to maintain your smile’s beauty. You do this by keeping your smile free of stains. You also do this by keeping your oral health safe through dental care. Basically, the appearance of a healthy smile is one that has good breath and that looks whole and lovely.

Stopping Disease And Disorder From Occurring

So, what’s all of this “healthy smile” stuff really mean? Again, remember that when you’re practicing dental care and you’re keeping your grin free of bacteria and food particles, you’re preventing the development of disease. When you see us for checkups, you’re allowing us to keep a watch for disease, to help you prevent it by keeping your smile clean, and you’re letting us detect any functional disorders (like bruxism). As a result, you enjoy the preventive dental care necessary to inhibit or quickly stop any problem from forming and progressing.

Inhibiting Damage From Disease And Disorder

Stop disease and disorders through dental care and you stop damage from occurring. Plain and simple!

Feel Proud Of Your Dental Care

Learn more about why you’re practicing dental care on a daily and long-term basis, when you recognize the effort is important but you aren’t sure why. Just schedule a visit with us soon for more answers! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.