Let Your Dentist Know If You Often Snore While Sleeping

Generally speaking, you might be embarrassed to admit to someone that you snore. When you visit your dentist, bringing up a snoring problem can be recommended, as it can lead to help with untreated sleep apnea! Your Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is prepared to talk with you about sleep apnea, and even provide care to help you deal with the problem. Rather than rely on CPAP machines for treatment, we may be able to recommend the use of a special oral appliance that keeps your airways unblocked while you rest. While you can bring up your concerns about snoring during a routine dental exam, we have appointments available if you wish to plan a visit to talk about your troubles.

Is Snoring Always Caused By Sleep Apnea?

While snoring is not always a sign that someone is struggling with sleep apnea, it is a symptom often associated with this condition. A person who struggles with obstructive sleep apnea can snore at night because soft tissues in their throat block their breathing passages. When this occurs, it can cause you to lose the ability to fully rest because your body has to wake up in order to clear the obstruction. So is your snoring the result of sleep apnea? You should be particularly concerned if you are also experiencing:

  • Frequent issues with daytime fatigue
  • A struggle to remain focused
  • Irritability
  • Other symptoms associated with a lack of sleep

Wearing A Custom Appliance To Maintain Restful Sleep

Instead of asking our patients to start wearing a CPAP mask whenever they want to sleep, we may suggest treating your obstructive sleep apnea with a custom oral appliance. The appliance is designed to carefully change the position of your jaw so that you can no longer block your airways with soft tissues. This can improve your sleep, put a stop to concerning sleep apnea symptoms, and help you correct snoring troubles.

What Else Is My Dentist Able To Help Me Address?

If you keep up with regular dental exams, you can enjoy expert teeth cleanings, as well as support for problems like tooth decay and gum disease. What you should be aware of is how your dentist can help you take on other concerns. Sleep apnea treatment is not the only sleep trouble that you can discuss at the dentist’s office. With a bruxism appliance, we can make sure your smile is protected against harm from frequent teeth grinding.

Talk To Dental Impressions In Ankeny, IA About Snoring And Sleep Apnea

At Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, patients who are bothered by habitual snoring can enjoy relief from this embarrassing problem, and from difficulties with sleep apnea. You can   by calling our dental practice today at (515) 965-0230.