What To Expect When A Problem Tooth Needs To Be Restored

When you stay consistent with brushing and flossing, make healthy choices with meals and snacks, and routinely visit your dentist for checkups, you can protect your smile from problems that require restorative dental work. Hopefully, you are staying committed to habits that protect you from tooth decay. After all, this is a problem that causes permanent damage to your tooth structure, and can lead to a painful tooth infection! While a cavity’s effect on your tooth can be scary, you can be relieved to know that modern restorative dentistry can be more pleasant than you expect. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can carefully remove infected tissues from your tooth before restoring it with a lifelike restoration!

How Will Restorative Dental Work Affect My Tooth?

Your dentist uses dental fillings and dental crowns that can imitate healthy tooth structure. Because of this, a cavity can be restored without causing an unwelcome change to the way your tooth looks. Both restorations are durable enough to allow you to feel confident placing pressure on a tooth, so you can also avoid trouble with a compromised dental function after care is provided to you.

Receiving A Dental Filling Or Dental Crown

  • When a cavity is caught in time, your dentist can move forward with a more conservative treatment involving a dental filling. Dental fillings only take up the space where your tooth was affected by decay. The composite material that we use can imitate your tooth’s color and texture, so there are no concerns about the way you look. A filling made from this material actually bonds directly with your enamel, which can provide an impressive degree of support and limit concerns that it might come loose over time.
  • In some cases, a dental crown will have to be used to restore a tooth affected by decay. If your tooth is hard to hide when you speak or smile, we can make plans to restore it with a porcelain or zirconia restoration. If the crown is being placed on a tooth that is hard to notice, metal can be preferable. Crowns completely cover a tooth above the gum line, keeping it safe from infection or physical injury.

Can A Dental Injury Be Addressed With Cosmetic Treatment?

Not every dental problem involves tooth decay. If you have a physical tooth injury, we may be able to restore it with conservative cosmetic dental work. Instead of capping your entire tooth with a crown, your dentist can place a porcelain veneer over its front to hide a chip or crack. A bonding procedure involves the application of composite resin to the tooth’s surface. This option can produce results without the need for a restoration, which can shorten your treatment time.

Talk To Dental Impressions If You Have A Tooth That Requires Restorative Work

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