We Can Provide Your Child Extra Support Against Tooth Decay

Tooth enamel is impressively durable even at an early age. While kids can generally count on their enamel to provide a natural defense against tooth decay, they may struggle with cavities because they are still learning how to protect themselves against oral health troubles. Their brushing and flossing habits could use improvement, and it may be difficult for them to resist the sticky and sweet treats that make cavities more likely to occur. Your Ankeny, IA dentist understands how kids can have a hard time with tooth decay, just as they know how concerned parents can be with protecting their developing smiles. In addition to providing important preventive care in the form of dental exams and cleanings for our young patients, we offer extra support with dental sealants and fluoride treatments to guard them against decay!

Does My Child Need More Help To Fight Cavities?

At a certain age, your child takes on the responsibility of brushing and flossing their own teeth. It is important that they learn good habits at the start, as the practices they follow when they begin brushing and flossing may be hard to unlearn if they need to improve. Kids can also have a tougher time avoiding cavities because they can have greater cravings for sweets, and a less clear understanding of how their diet affects their oral health. This is why pediatric dental exams often cover more than just the routine teeth cleanings and evaluations that adult patients receive.

The Benefits Of Fluoride Treatments And Dental Sealants

While pediatric dental care provides many important services, kids can still benefit from extra protection against dental decay. With fluoride treatments, we can make teeth more resistant to cavities, so kids have more natural support for their oral health. At the appropriate time, we can also recommend the placement of dental sealants. Dental sealants coat teeth in order to keep food particles and bacteria clear. This extra barrier helps reduce cavity risks over time, particularly in hard-to-clean areas between the cusps of their back teeth.

Additional Reasons To Bring Your Child To See Their Dentist

When meeting with your child, your dentist can take the time to walk them through good brushing and flossing habits. This can help them develop positive practices when they start to clean their own teeth, so they are better able to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. If a problem with a cavity does form, regular visits create opportunities for a matter to be identified and treated before there are complications.

Your Ankeny, IA Dentist Can Help Protect Your Child Against Cavities

At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, parents can bring their kids for important oral health care services. To make an appointment for your kids, please call Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA today at (515) 965-0230.