Periods Of Stress Can Increase Your Risk For Bruxism

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to completely avoid stressful periods, but it is important to note that you can take care to manage your stress at these times. By doing so, you can control some of the health consequences that come with these frustrating episodes in your life. One benefit to better stress management is that you can avoid potential oral health problems. While people can begin grinding their teeth at night for several reasons, stress has caused many individuals to develop this habit, often referred to as bruxism. By putting time and effort into easing your stress levels, particularly at night, you can lower your risk for teeth grinding. Smart emotional management can also protect you against other oral health issues linked to stress.

Poorly Managed Stress Can Interfere With Your Oral Health

Stress can be a problem for your general health as well as your oral health. One big concern is that when you are stressed, you may lack the time or focus to maintain your usual standard of self-care. If this leads to unhealthy changes in your diet, along with less effective brushing and flossing, you can wind up with a higher risk for dental problems that require restorative care. Periods of stress and anxiety can also cause people to experience dry mouth more often, which means that your body is less capable of naturally fighting bacteria or cleaning your teeth.

Make Changes To Your Nightly Routine To Reduce Your Chances Of Grinding Your Teeth

Because stressful periods can cause a person to start grinding their teeth while asleep, these episodes can lead to real dental damage. In order to help patients who struggle with this as an ongoing issue, our dentist’s office can provide a custom guard to be worn during the night. If you are trying to control your risk for grinding, be mindful of your mental and emotional state before bedtime. Any steps you can take to relax yourself before bedtime can be beneficial. To further protect yourself, look to cut back on alcohol and caffeine consumption.

Make Sure Your Oral Health Remains A Priority

Taking care of your oral health every day can help you avoid dental fillings and dental crowns for cavities, and it can protect you against periodontal disease. You might not realize it, but the effort you put into smile care can also help you manage your general well-being. Our brushing and flossing routines remove harmful oral bacteria in our mouths, which can create issues if they are allowed to accumulate and spread. Periodontal disease is also a concern because it can potentially affect how you manage other health matters, and it may raise your risk for heart troubles.

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