A Problem With A Restoration Can Be Trouble For Your Tooth

If you have ever been treated for a cavity, or received care for a dental injury, you count on a dental restoration to protect your tooth. In addition to providing support when you bite and chew, the dental filling or dental crown helps to stop an infection from developing and harming your oral health. Just as you want to keep your teeth in good condition, it is important to protect a restoration. A broken, loose, or lost restoration can put you at risk for problems with your tooth, and creates the need for restorative dental work. Our Ankeny, IA dentist wants you to know that care is available to you if you have a problem with a tooth filling or crown.

Fillings And Crowns Provide Vital Protection For Your Tooth

If you break your leg, a cast helps you make sure that the bone heals properly. After an appropriate period of time, the cast is removed, and you can once again live without it. Once a tooth is injured, the damage can be permanent, which is why you require a filling or crown to be permanently placed. Fortunately, a restoration can be placed without upsetting the appearance or function of your tooth. As long as the restoration stays in position, it can allow you to bite and chew without problems, and it can stop your tooth from becoming infected. However, if the restoration is compromised, your tooth can become vulnerable to problems.

Protecting Your Tooth Before Treatment

We understand that a broken, loose, or lost restoration can be a serious concern, and we can make plans to treat the problem as soon as possible. Until you have work done, be careful about putting bite pressure on the tooth in question, and avoid manipulating the restoration. These actions could do more harm to your tooth, which can cause pain and require more treatment.

A New Dental Restoration Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Tooth

If your older restoration was made with metal, it may have stood out in a way that made you self-conscious. You can be happy to know that our restorations can be constructed with materials that actually match the appearance of your healthy enamel, so they can offer cosmetic benefits. Your new restoration can be custom-made to provide a good esthetic fit as well as a good physical fit, and it can be durable enough to provide years of support without issue.

Your Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office Can Address A Problem With Your Filling Or Crown

At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we are prepared to take care of a patient who has a problem with a dental filling or dental crown. To discuss treatment for this problem, or any other issue that affects your oral health, call Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230.