How Worried Should I Be About A Damaged Or Loose Crown?

If you have a dental crown in place to support a tooth, you should feel comfortable putting pressure on it whenever you bite and chew. A dental restoration is meant to provide lasting support for a tooth that has been injured, or one that has undergone care for a cavity. If you start to lose confidence in a crown’s ability to contribute to your dental function, you should be concerned about the safety of that tooth. A loose or damaged crown can lead to further trouble with your dental health. If it feels loose, it could be lost completely, which means your vulnerable tooth is exposed. A damaged crown could break further, and create additional troubles. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can help you recover and regain protection for your tooth by dealing with the problem. This can include treatment through the placement of a new custom crown.

Your Crown Is Meant To Provide Permanent Protection For Your Tooth

Once a tooth has been restored with a crown, it will be necessary for that restoration to remain in place. Because of this, care is taken to design a crown that will fit comfortably, and also to ensure it is strong enough to offer lasting support. If you have concerns about a crown because it looks worn, appears chipped or cracked, or because it feels loose, you should arrange treatment as soon as possible. In the time it takes you to act, you could lose the restoration or experience new troubles with the tooth it was meant to protect.

Carefully Handling A Lost Or Damaged Crown

A damaged crown, like a damaged tooth, should be handled carefully. If you do not protect it, you could do more damage to it, or cut the inside of your mouth on a portion that has become jagged. If a crown seems to be in good condition but feels loose, or if it has been completely dislodged, you can handle it carefully to see if it can be safely put back in place.

Our Practice Provides Custom-Made Dental Restorations

When a patient requires a dental filling or dental crown, our practice can take care to make sure they receive one that has been made just for them. Dental fillings can bond directly to your enamel, and they can be carefully tinted so that they are a good cosmetic match for your tooth. By taking care to measure your tooth before placing a crown, your dentist can make sure that it fits comfortable and looks natural without bothering neighboring teeth.

You Can Count On Important Dental Care At Dental Impressions

At Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, our practice has helped many patients restore teeth that have been affected by decay or injury. To learn how we can help you take care of a vulnerable tooth, please call our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office at (515) 965-0230.