What Can Happen If You Let A Dental Injury Go Untreated?

A dental injury may be something you prefer not to worry about, but damage can end up worsening over time if you do not address it. If your tooth is broken, chipped, or cracked, it is possible for you to develop an infection that leads to more discomfort. An infected tooth can actually be lost if nothing is done to address the problem in time! Your Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is able to help you if your tooth is hurt and you require treatment. Even if the tooth is not infected, seeking treatment for damage can be beneficial, as you may be vulnerable to further breaking.

Your Injured Tooth May Become More Than Just A Cosmetic Problem

How much of your concern about an injured tooth is cosmetic in nature? For a tooth that is difficult to see, is damage really something you should worry about? Injuries can do more than just affect the way a person looks. If nothing is done to restore your tooth, you may end up hurting it further because it is in a weakened state. It is also possible for an infection to form, which can put the tooth at serious risk.

Signs That Your Tooth Might Be Infected

An infected tooth can become sensitive, which means it may react poorly when exposed to temperature extremes, or even to sweets. You may have problems with general discomfort, which can negatively affect your ability to bite, chew, or even speak without some pain.

If you think a tooth is infected, you should take the matter seriously. In time, its condition can gradually worsen, and there may be no way to save it by the time you see your dentist! If this happens, we can discuss replacing it with a prosthetic tooth.

A Dental Crown Can Make Biting And Chewing Easier

Dental crowns are effective at restoring teeth after treatment for decay, but they are also used to care for injuries. Once in place, the crown can completely cover the tooth so that there is no further risk for damage or infection. You can be relieved to find that biting and chewing with the tooth is comfortable, so you do not have to worry about a permanent change in your dental function.

Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office Has Experience Treating Dental Injuries

At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we are prepared to take care of patients who experience dental injuries. With the appropriate care, we can make sure that a tooth is not at risk for infection, and that you can bite and chew without difficulty. Dental Impressions is proud to provide the Ankeny community with support in matters that concern their dental health. To find out more, call Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230.