What Impact Can Oral Hygiene Have On Your General Health?

Sure, brushing and flossing your teeth will help you avoid cavities, but what else can your oral hygiene routine do for you? Protecting your teeth and gums from harm can be more beneficial to your general health than you might expect. If problems develop with your smile, complications can have surprising impact on your overall well-being. The bacteria that cause gum disease can interfere with your health in other ways as those harmful microbes travel to different parts of your body. If you develop an infection from a cavity, pain and swelling can quickly interfere with your quality of life. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is prepared to help you maintain a healthy smile, and we can help you enjoy the overall benefits of good oral health!

Your Oral Care Routine Takes Care Of Unwelcome Bacteria

Remember that your mouth is a gathering point for many different bacteria – while there are harmless bacteria present, unwelcome bacteria can build up, too. That time you spend brushing and flossing effectively removes harmful bacteria before they have a chance to affect your oral health, or travel to negatively impact different parts of your body. This is in addition to helping you avoid unattractive tartar buildup, and removing particles left behind by food that can stain your teeth.

Make Sure You Protect Yourself Against Gingivitis!

Gingivitis is something that you can put a stop to with your own brushing and flossing routine, or through supportive periodontal care from your dentist. The condition forms when bacteria at the base of teeth travel below your gums and create problems for these tissues. If it is treated in time, your periodontal health can be restored, but there is a risk that the condition will worsen if nothing is done in time. Advanced periodontal problems can be difficult for a person to manage – without professional support, bacteria may interfere with your health in several ways. The problem can potentially impact your chances of developing heart disease, and it can make managing other conditions more difficult. The tissue damage caused by bacteria can also raise your chances of losing teeth.

A Severe Cavity Can Be Difficult To Ignore

 When a cavity develops, it may take some time for you to realize that something is wrong. When the problem progresses and leads to an infection of your tooth, the issue can become difficult to ignore. In just about any circumstance, you would probably prefer not to make an appointment on short notice. Unfortunately, the pain and sensitivity related to your advanced cavity may make restorative dental work a priority for you.

Discuss Oral Hygiene With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist

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