Do Kids And Adults Have Different Oral Health Care Needs?

As kids grow up, they require less direct help from their parents as they become more self-reliant. When it comes to oral health care, you can step away from caring for their teeth as your child becomes capable of – and comfortable with – brushing and flossing on their own. Beyond providing instructions at an early age, do kids have different oral health care needs from their parents? While dental enamel is remarkably strong even at an early age, kids can be more vulnerable to problems because they are still learning to protect their smiles. With your support and encouragement, they can stay on top of their dental health needs. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can also help kids during pediatric dental checkups, and we can provide parents helpful advice they can apply at home.

Kids Have To Learn The Basics Of Oral Hygiene

One big difference between parents and kids where oral hygiene is concerned? Simply put, kids know less when it comes to how they can protect their teeth, and why these habits matter. Until they have a grasp of brushing and flossing, young children require their parents’ support with brushing and flossing. Even as they take on more responsibilities for themselves, you can help your children protect their teeth by modeling the right brushing and flossing behaviors, as well as by encouraging smart diet choices.

Dental Problems At An Early Age Can Lead To Complications

When cavities affect a child’s baby teeth, it can potentially affect the adult teeth that have not erupted yet. Problems at an early age can also lead to the early arrival of these secondary, or adult, teeth. These early issues can have a negative impact on the way your child’s oral structures develop. With this in mind, you should make sure you are tending to their needs. One thing to remember is that it is possible to place the tasks of brushing and flossing on them at too young an age. By doing so, you may be entrusting them to the task before they can reliably give themselves a fully effective cleaning.

Oral Health Tips That Can Benefit Kids And Adults

Kids and adults should be cautious about the formation of cavities. After all, tooth decay is a destructive problem that can lead to permanent damage for your enamel, and even problems with infection that lead to pain and other health issues. Make sure everyone in your family is brushing thoroughly and consistently, and that flossing is included in everyone’s oral care routine. You can show your kids that you are committed to your own oral health by scheduling your own dental checkups when you bring them in, letting them know that these services have value.

Parents And Their Kids Can Enjoy Quality Care At Dental Impressions In Ankeny, IA

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