Why Are You Struggling With Frustrating Dental Sensitivity?

If you are dealing with teeth that feel intrusively sensitive, it may be difficult to enjoy items that are hot or cold. In some cases, patients with sensitivity can feel uncomfortable when trying to enjoy anything sweet! Issues with sensitivity can have different causes. If your discomfort is located in a particular tooth, it may be a signs of a cavity that requires restorative dental work. For more general issues, problems with teeth grinding, enamel erosion, or a receding gum line could be the cause. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office has experience working with patients who struggle with sensitivity. Once the problem is identified, we can help you by providing the appropriate treatment, or recommending changes that can help you lower your degree of discomfort.

Dealing With A Tooth That Is Sensitive Or Frequently Sore

If you continue to feel sensitivity or pain in a single tooth, it may be because of an untreated cavity that has led to your tooth becoming infected. Infections can do serious damage if they are not dealt with appropriately. In time, you could develop new problems as bacteria spread by leaving through the roots of a tooth, and the harm may be serious enough to push a tooth past the point of being saved. Once the necessary restorative treatment is performed, you can have your tooth protected with a permanent dental crown. The crown can allow you to once again bite and chew without feelings of discomfort or sensitivity.

The Possible Link Between Teeth Grinding And Sensitivity

Are your teeth at their most sensitive when you wake up? Frequent issues with sensitive teeth, jaw pain, and stiff or sore jaw movement can point to an issue with bruxism. You may be grinding your teeth at night, which causes pain and tenderness to affect you when you are awake. If the problem is not addressed in time, it may lead to permanent damage to your enamel.

Other Issues That Can Cause Dental Sensitivity To Become An Issue

Problems with enamel erosion or a receding gum line may make some of your teeth feel sensitive. Upon review, you and your dentist can discuss your potential treatment options. One benefit to regular dental exams is that when these issues first start to affect you, your dentist has opportunities to spot trouble and let you know what is happening before your quality of life is impacted.

Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office Has Experience Dealing With Dental Sensitivity

Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office has helped many patients take on problems with dental sensitivity. If you are growing concerned about this issue, we can determine what is affecting you, and how the matter can be addressed. To learn more about our practice and services, call Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230.