How Dental Checkups Provide Help With Gingivitis

How effective have your efforts to prevent dental problems been? While you may feel that the absence of obvious or worrying symptoms is a sign that you are in good oral health, you should know that it is possible for people to overlook problems that have formed with their oral health. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we take care to closely study a patient’s teeth and gums, as our goal is to make sure that they are completely free of issues that might hurt their smile or well-being. These evaluations help you avoid problems with gingivitis because early warning signs of infection can be spotted, and addressed through a periodontal cleaning, before the infection grows worse.

Your Teeth And Gums Are Evaluated During Your Exam

In order to make sure you are free of any oral health issues, your dentist will evaluate your gums as well as your teeth at a typical checkup. Catching and addressing signs of poor periodontal health will be important, as unresolved problems with gum disease can lead to issues like tooth loss, as well as problems that impact your general health. It should be noted that even if you are not in pain, you can observe early signs of gingivitis on your own. Look out for problems with swelling, bleeding, or a change in your gum line.

You Can Receive A Special Cleaning To Fight Gingivitis

While traditional teeth cleanings are effective at preventing cavities and removing bacteria before gum disease is an issue, a more involved approach to removing bacteria can be called for when you show symptoms of gingivitis. A periodontal cleaning goes below your gum line to remove bacteria that are already present on the root of teeth. These bacteria are responsible for the infection, which is why their removal helps your gums regain their health. This is a more involved procedure than a typical cleaning, which is why this is only suggested when there is evidence of infection already.

Tips For Avoiding Periodontal Problems Between Appointments

What practices should you put in place if you want to avoid future troubles with poor periodontal health? Brushing and flossing are both important. When you perform these tasks, make sure that you thoroughly clean at your gum line. By doing so, the bacteria that could infect your gums are cleared away before there are health issues. You should also remain consistent with regular dental exams, and treat routine visits as a priority even when you are not aware of any problems.

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