Is Your Dental Sensitivity Linked To Gum Line Recession?

Some changes to your smile are hard to miss, and can make you eager to see your dentist as soon as possible. For instance, if your tooth is chipped or cracked, or if you start to develop severe pain, you can waste little time setting an appointment. With that said, some changes can be gradual, which can make it hard to notice when the issue truly started. These problems can include gum line recession and the onset of dental sensitivity, which can result from vulnerable portions of teeth normally covered by your gums being exposed. Recession is often linked to problems with your periodontal health, but it can also be triggered by teeth grinding issues and problems with aggressive brushing. If you are starting to worry about sensitivity, or if you have noticed a change in your appearance, talk to your Ankeny, IA dentist!

What Causes Gum Line Recession?

There are several issues that can lead to gum line recession. You may be experiencing the problem as a symptom of gingivitis, which is a problem you do not want to ignore. However, this is not the only reason people start to see a change in their gum line. You may see your gums shift because you are brushing with too much force, or because you are grinding your teeth at night. It should be noted that while the movement of your tissues is not necessarily caused by gingivitis, it can make an infection harder to prevent.

Why Signs Of Poor Periodontal Health Should Concern You

If you think you might have an issue with gingivitis, you should take action to stop the infection from worsening. Through your dentist’s help, and through the routine care you practice at home, you can fight the bacteria responsible for your infection and stop the matter from worsening. However, if gingivitis is not treated in time, the infection can worsen and form periodontitis. Periodontitis can lead to more severe issues, including tooth loss! This infection is more difficult to manage, and it raises your risk for developing other general health issues.

Discussing Changes In Your Oral Health During Checkups

If your teeth are starting to become sensitive, if your gums look to be receding, or if you have noticed any other changes to your smile, you should talk with your dentist. These seemingly small changes can be more than just the results of aging. Without proper treatment, they can lead to problems that call for restorative dentistry, or may lead to concerns that require the attention of a periodontal specialist.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Issues With Dental Sensitivity And Gum Line Recession

Are issues like gum line recession and dental sensitivity starting to worry you? If they are, our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can help! To learn more, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230.