Correcting Dental Flaws Through A Bonding Procedure

One misshapen or discolored tooth may be all it takes to hurt the quality of your appearance. Unfortunately, even minor flaws can be difficult to hide, leaving you flustered and self-conscious as attention is drawn to a conspicuous tooth. What you might not realize is that a conservative cosmetic dental procedure can resolve this problem for you. Through a dental bonding procedure, it is possible to restore a tooth’s shape, size, and color without resorting to the placement of a permanent restoration. The process instead relies on a composite resin material that can be applied to your tooth structure to make desired changes. Along with work to contour a tooth, bonding can make precise improvements that give you a big confidence boost in as little as one appointment!

How A Conservative Cosmetic Procedure Produced Exciting Smile Improvements

Just as a small flaw can draw plenty of unwanted attention, a small amount of cosmetic work can have a significant effect on your appearance and confidence. Bonding treatments do not rely on the placement of any permanent restorations to improve the way you look. Through a treatment that can take as little as one day, you can restore your smile by fixing issues with jagged or misshapen teeth, problems with discoloration, and even troubles with spacing between teeth.

What Problems Can A Bonding Procedure Address?

Bonding and contouring work is often performed in the same visit to make sure a tooth is the desired shape, size, and color. We can contour a tooth that is larger than its neighbors, bringing it to a more manageable size so that it no longer stands out. Bonding treatment can make a tooth look larger, even out a jagged tooth, or even color it so that it is a better match for its neighbors. One benefit to dental bonding for color improvements is that the procedure can work on teeth that are affected by enamel erosion or past injuries. Teeth whitening treatments, while effective against stains, can be less beneficial when discoloration is caused by these other issues.

Other Solutions For Frustrating Smile Flaws

While porcelain veneers require more preparatory work and the placement of permanent restorations, they do provide more durability. Veneers are custom-made to fit on the fronts of teeth and provide improvements for the shape, color, and size of teeth. In some cases, it might be preferable to use dental crowns instead of veneers. This is because crowns can provide more bite support, which may be important for undersized or more significantly misshapen teeth.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Dental Bonding!

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