3 Reasons To Commit To Scheduling Regular Dental Exams

You should rely on more than just your brushing and flossing routine to fight the formation of tartar, tooth decay, and gingivitis. Individuals who choose to go without regular dental exams are vulnerable to tartar accumulation, as they cannot remove this substance on their own. If a cavity forms, they may not realize that they need restorative dental work until the tooth requires advanced care! Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office provides thorough dental exams and cleanings to patients. With these preventive services, we can keep your smile safe from problems, and we can recognize when we might need to step in and take care of an issue that has developed.

1. Checkups Lead To The Early Detection And Treatment Of Cavities

Once a cavity forms, you cannot stop it from growing on your own. If you want to minimize the harm that you ultimately experience, you should have the problem addressed by your dentist as soon as possible. Regular dental exams provide regular opportunities for your teeth to be checked for decay in early stages. After the problem is identified, a tooth can be treated with a dental filling to stop bacteria and decay from spreading further and potentially infecting your tooth.

2. Your Regular Visits Will Help You Avoid Problems With Gum Disease

You need to watch out for more than just cavities if you want to keep your mouth healthy. Quality preventive care can protect you from the formation of gingivitis, but if an infection forms, it makes you vulnerable to potentially serious problems. Fortunately, your dentist can check on your gums at a checkup and determine if a periodontal cleaning might benefit you. If so, we can perform this service to remove harmful microbes from beneath your gum line to stop an infection and give your periodontal tissues time to recover.

3. Your Dentist Can Protect Your Smile If You Start To Grind Your Teeth

Nighttime teeth grinding problems can arise because of stress, caffeine or alcohol consumption, or because of problems with your bite alignment and function. Many people will find themselves suffering from pain and sensitivity in their teeth and jaw when they wake up because of this issue. A habit of nightly grinding, known as bruxism, can have heavy consequences for your smile and oral health! Fortunately, the early signs of bruxism can be identified by your dentist, who can recommend treatment to protect you from damage that can call for restorative or cosmetic dental work.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Starting Regular Dental Exams

At our dental office in Ankeny, IA, patients can count on us to perform thorough evaluations and treat any oral health issues that might have formed since their last checkup. If you need to schedule preventive care, or if you have any problems with your well-being that we can resolve, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.