Conservative Cosmetic Work Can Address Damage From Bruxism

Even if you address the problem not long after you become aware of it, bruxism can have lasting consequences for your appearance. The friction produced by teeth grinding or clenching can wear down your enamel gradually, leading to changes in the shape and size of your teeth. Minor changes can do enough to change the quality of your smile by making teeth look older and misshapen. Fortunately, it may only take a conservative degree of cosmetic dental work to restore your appearance and give you back your confidence in your smile. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, patients bothered by the effects of teeth grinding can meet with us to discuss the role that dental bonding and contouring can play in improving the way you look.

Teeth Grinding Can Lead To Big Consequences For Your Smile

Over time, the habit of grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep can wear down your enamel, and may even cause chips or cracks to form. Individuals who let this problem – bruxism – continue untreated can actually wind up with dental damage that is severe enough to require restorative dental work. Unfortunately, even if the problem is addressed and resolved in time, it can lead to frustrating changes in the way you look as teeth start to appear worn down and unhealthy. This can change the quality of your smile, make you appear older, and generally make you less happy with the way you look.

Discussing Conservative Cosmetic Treatment Options

Conservative cosmetic work can be enough to address your smile concerns. The dental bonding and contouring procedures, we are able to hide wear and tear, cover chips and cracks, and even brighten teeth. This approach to treatment does not require the placement of permanent restorations, and makes minimal changes to your tooth structure. Contouring can help when a tooth looks jagged or appears misshapen in some other way. The bonding process covers damage, can restore the shape of teeth that appear to have flattened because of grinding, and can even address changes in your tooth color that have occurred over time.

Make Sure You Put A Stop To Problems With Bruxism

Whether you restore your smile through bonding and contouring, by having porcelain veneers placed, or by receiving custom dental crowns, you can create problems for your treatment if you are still grinding your teeth at night. To protect your smile against this habit, our practice can provide you with a special mouth guard to wear while you sleep. When it is ins place, it will keep your teeth apart so that you are not grinding or clenching at rest.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Conservative Cosmetic Dental Work!

Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is prepared to take care of embarrassing or unsightly dental damage from bruxism. Through the right cosmetic dental work, we can make teeth appear younger and healthier, which can renew your confidence in your smile. To find out more, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230.