How Teeth Cleanings Fit Into Your Oral Hygiene Efforts

What you do to protect your smile from cavities and gum disease is obviously important. Unless there is a reason for you to follow a different schedule, you should have routine dental checkups every six months. You are responsible for fighting oral bacteria and preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar between those appointments. With good brushing and flossing habits, you can limit your risk for picking up harmful bacteria buildup, but even people with thorough routines leave small amounts of bacteria behind. Fortunately, your hygienist will be able to help you by removing those deposits during your teeth cleanings!

Do I Really Need Help Keeping My Teeth Clean?

If you are sticking with a consistent habit of brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once, you can keep your teeth safe against the buildup of bacteria and food debris. Committing to good daily habits is important, and it will help you avoid problems that might call for restorative dental work. However, it should be noted that without professional teeth cleanings, you will not have a way of removing any tartar buildup that does form. Plaque can harden and form tartar in a short time, making it difficult for someone to keep their smile totally free of its accumulation.

Ignoring Tartar Buildup Can Have Lasting Consequences

How worried should you be about the possibility of tartar buildup? When tartar deposits form, they stay in place despite your work to keep your teeth clean. The tartar on your teeth can cause the formation of a cavity that requires a dental filling or dental crown. If tartar buildup is present at the base of your teeth, you are more likely to experience problems with gum disease over time.

What Happens During A Typical Dental Checkup

Teeth cleanings are important for your long-term dental health, and they are just one of many services provided for you when you come in for routine dental care. In the course of your appointment, your dentist will also help you by reviewing your teeth and gums and looking for problems that call for restorative dental work. By checking on the health of your periodontal tissues, we can also determine if you should undergo a regular cleaning or a more involved periodontal cleaning. In addition to helping with these common issues, we can also check on possible problems with teeth grinding or sleep apnea, two nighttime problems that your dentist can address.

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