Implant Dentistry Can Offer More Benefits Than You Realize

People who lose teeth can struggle with embarrassment over the way they look, and they can grow frustrated with difficulties they experience when biting and chewing. If you start to look into prosthetic dental work to address this problem, know that restoring your full smile can do more than just improve the way you look. Through the use of dental implants, prosthetic appliances can be permanently placed, and they can be counted on to provide better support when you bite and chew. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is ready to talk to patients about the benefits of restorative work with implants. In the long term, this work can help you maintain a more varied diet, and it also provides stimulation that protects you jawbone from deterioration.

Implant-Held Appliances Offer More Than Just Cosmetic Improvements

Tooth loss is more than just a cosmetic problem, which is why patients can hope for more than just cosmetic improvements when they look into prosthetic work. By having your restoration held by an implant (or implants), you can feel better about your ability to bite and chew different foods, including those that you had to give up. You can also find that speaking feels more natural when you have your complete smile again. The presence of an implant also helps neighboring teeth, as it can keep their roots from shifting.

Arranging The Restoration Of Your Smile With An Implant-Held Prosthetic

During an initial appointment, we can verify that you are a good candidate for dental implant placement. Active problems with your oral health or ongoing struggles with gum disease can interfere with your restoration, which can make other treatments necessary before your full smile is restored. In addition to making sure you are ready for treatment, we can determine the right placement for these posts. Once implant placement occurs, you will need to go through a healing period. At the recommended time, we can move forward with plans to place your dental crown or dental bridge.

How Implants Help Patients In The Long Term

The roots of are teeth are tasked with more than just holding our teeth in place. When we bite and chew, they create stimulation in the jawbone, which serves as a signal for your body to deliver nutrients to the bone and roots. Tooth loss robs you of that stimulation, and that leaves you vulnerable to a deterioration of the bone that affects your appearance and oral health. When implants are placed, they can once again create the stimulation that preserves your jawbone and restores nutrient flow!

Discuss Prosthetic Dental Work With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office

Through prosthetic dental work that includes implants, our practice can give you a restored smile while also improving your bite function! To find out more about how we can help you, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.