Issues With Cavity Prevention? 3 Good Habits To Adopt

Have you been frustrated or worried about your struggle to prevent cavities? It can be hard to feel confident in your smile when you continue to experience issues that require restorative dental work. However, those past troubles can be a sign that your oral hygiene routine leaves room for improvement! Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is ready to help patients protect their teeth at every regular teeth cleaning and exam. In addition to helping you maintain your oral health through in-office support, we can recommend changes in your routine that can give you a better defense against tartar formation, gum disease, and tooth decay!

1. Make Sure You Floss Every Day

Flossing is not just for removing food that has become painfully wedged between your teeth! If you want to effectively protect yourself against trouble with tooth decay and gum disease, you need to target the spaces where your teeth meet for daily cleaning. Flossing each night before you go to sleep will ensure that you have fully cleared away harmful particles that have gathered on your smile throughout the day. To make the most of your flossing, be sure to bring the tape all the way down to the base of your teeth and clean at your gum line.

2. Replace An Old Toothbrush

Is your toothbrush more than three months old? Can you see the effects of friction on the bristles? When the same brush continues to be used, it can become less effective at cleaning your smile as the ends of the brush bristles become worn down. A replacement every three months, or when you start to see evidence of wear and tear, will help you keep your teeth in good condition so that you are removing plaque and food particles as easily as you believe. One thing you should avoid doing is use a more aggressive brushing approach. This can actually cause more friction on your enamel that leads to the material’s gradual erosion, something that can actually make it harder to prevent cavities in the future!

3. Drink More Water Throughout The Day

When you select a beverage to pair with your meal, consider water’s benefit for your smile! The lack of sugar and other harmful agents makes it less likely to create problems that require dental fillings or dental crowns. Its ability to help wash away food debris will make it easier for you to keep your teeth clean and problem-free. Water also keeps you hydrated throughout your day, which actually benefits your natural cavity resistance.

Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office Can Help You Prevent Cavities

Our Ankeny, IA dentist is prepared to help patients prevent cavities by providing in-office care, but we can also support you by helping you adjust to better daily habits that keep you free of tartar buildup, trouble with decay, and more! To schedule an appointment or learn more about improving your routine, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.