Make Sure Your Family Ends The Year With Healthy Teeth!

The year’s end is a time for holiday celebrations – even small activities with your family can be festive and fun. Between breaks from school and work and seasonally appropriate meals and desserts, the holidays can offer plenty of fun…unless your good times lead to dental problems. What can you do to ensure that everyone in your family keeps their teeth in good health through the remainder of the year? It is important that you keep to good oral hygiene habits, keeping up with consistent brushing and flossing no matter what is happening throughout each day. It is also important to practice moderation with treats. Remember that your Ankeny, IA dentist is ready to help you by providing preventive care during your routine dental checkups. We provide consistent support for adults, and we can also provide pediatric dental exams!

Holiday Fun Can Turn Into Oral Health Trouble

Because the holidays often lead to disrupted schedules and less healthy eating habits, this time of year can be trouble for teeth. If you are not conscious of how your behaviors could impact your smile, you can wind up needing restorative dental work during your next trip to the dentist’s office. The good news is that good preventive care can be less difficult than you might fear. Sticking to good decisions and good habits will help you avoid trouble! Make sure you check in on your kids and encourage them to make good choices, as they can be less likely to recognize the risks when they skip brushing or decide to overindulge in sweets.

Encouraging Your Kids To Maintain Good Dental Hygiene Habits During The Holiday Season

Something as simple as a break in the school year can disrupt kids’ schedules, which can lead to inconsistency in their brushing and flossing habits. You should check in with younger kids in particular, as they can be less likely to recognize how a break in brushing and flossing might hurt them. It is also important to encourage children to make smart choices when it comes to what they put on their plates, as they often have less restraint when it comes to eating sweets.

Are You Doing A Good Job Protecting Your Smile From Harm?

If your routine is not as solid as you believe it to be, a dental filling or dental crown could be in your near future. Be sure to brush for at least two minutes whenever you take care of your smile, and to do this at least twice a day. You should also remember that brushing, while important, can be less than ideal for cleaning between teeth. To do a better job at this, make sure you floss at least once a day!

Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office Can Help Your Family Protect Their Smiles!

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