Restarting A Habit Of Regular Dental Checkups And Cleanings

If you broke from your habit of regularly scheduling routine dental exams and cleanings, your oral health may have suffered more than you currently know. These visits help you avoid problems with tooth decay as well as tartar accumulation, issues with your periodontal health, and more. Without access to consistent care, you can be more vulnerable to these problems, and you miss out on early detection and treatment for problems like nighttime teeth grinding, or bruxism. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is ready to help you preserve your smile if you wish to start attending regular exams again. At every visit, your smile will be thoroughly evaluated as well as cleaned, which will help you avoid potential problems over time that require restorative dental work.

When Was Your Last Routine Dental Appointment?

How long are you supposed to go between routine dental checkups? Unless your dentist has told you to follow something different, you should only go approximately six months between visits. Longer breaks between appointments will allow tartar to build up on your smile, and can also let troubles with cavities and gum disease worsen. If problems do develop and go without treatment, they can require more involved restorative dental services when you finally make time to see your dentist about concerning symptoms of trouble.

How Regular Exams Keep Your Smile In Good Health

Regular exams provide more than just a review of your smile and feedback about your oral health. At each appointment, your hygienist will carefully clean your teeth. The process of cleaning them will ensure that all signs of tartar buildup are removed. Tartar deposits are not removable with brushing and flossing, which means they continue to build up and hurt your oral health if they are not managed. You can also let problems like bruxism, or nightly teeth grinding, continue without treatment until dental damage occurs.

What Can Happen If A Dental Problem Is Identified During A Checkup?

Simply put, a typical exam can include both a teeth cleaning and a study of your smile from your dentist. At that checkup, you will receive a helpful update about your dental well-being, and – if necessary – you will be updated on problems that have developed. If necessary, we can arrange restorative dental work for you to resolve an issue like tooth decay. A dental filling or dental crown will restore the tooth, protect it from biting and chewing pressure, and prevent further issues with infection from occurring. If a problem like gum disease is identified, we can provide a special cleaning to remove bacteria that have gathered below the gum line.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Scheduling A Regular Checkup

Dental Impressions is ready to help individuals who are due for their next dental checkup! To find out more about what we can do for yo at an appointment, contact your Ankeny, IA, dentist, Dr. Foust, by calling (515) 965-0230.