How Dental Visits Help You Avoid Gum Disease

Your daily routine is your first line of defense against gingivitis, but it is not the only protection you have against trouble with your periodontal health. At every routine visit, your Ankeny, IA dentist will closely inspect your periodontal tissues to see if there are any signs of infection present. Those who are suffering from symptoms of gingivitis can receive a helpful periodontal cleaning. This cleaning removes the bacteria that have gathered on the roots of your teeth since your last appointment. When these harmful microbes are removed, your tissues have an opportunity to recover and return to good health! If you let a problem with gingivitis go untreated, an infection can worsen, which can lead to complications that are harder to manage.

Why Gum Disease Prevention Should Be A Priority For You

If you want to avoid problems with tooth loss later in life, pay attention to your periodontal health today! Complications from gum disease are the leading cause of tooth loss for adults. Unfortunately, when an infection develops and is not properly managed, it can worsen, leading to long-term difficulties and the destruction of tissues that support your teeth. You can also have more difficulties maintaining your general health if you have problems with advanced gum disease, as this condition can interfere with other health conditions.

The Role Checkups Play In Preventing Periodontal Problems

Just as your regular dental checkups make it less likely you will need restorative dental work in the future, they can help you avoid problems with poor periodontal health over time. Your hygienist takes care to remove all deposits of plaque and tartar on your teeth during a regular cleaning. If you come into your appointment and your dentist identifies symptoms of gingivitis, they can recommend that you receive a targeted periodontal cleaning that removes bacteria from below your gum line. By removing the unwelcome bacteria, we give your gums the chance to become healthy again before there are long-term complications.

How Your Daily Habits Protect You From Gum Disease

How much effort do you put into cleaning your teeth at your gum line? When you target these areas, you fight the bacteria that can cause difficulties with gingivitis. A good daily routine will see a person brush at least twice and floss at least once; every time you perform these tasks, make sure the bases of teeth receive attention!

Your Ankeny, IA Dentist Can Help You Avoid Gum Disease

Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is ready to take care of you and keep you safe from gum disease! To find out how we can support your oral and periodontal health, or to book your next routine dental appointment, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule your visit.