Count On One Dental Practice To Care For Your Whole Family

You should feel confident that everyone in your family has access to dependable oral health care. At any age, quality treatment is important. With that said, a person’s actual needs can change over time. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can make sure our patients receive the right kind of support to help them stay healthy, and remain confident in the way they look. We provide pediatric dental services for our youngest patients that will focus on preventive care as well as helpful guidance. For adults, we can provide continued care along with timely treatments if you need restorative dental work.

Can You Really Bring Everyone In Your Household To One Practice?

Because our practice helps patients of all ages protect their teeth and gums, we can meet with everyone in your household and help them take care of their smile. Having one trusted location for everyone can make the work of arranging and attending exams easier. It can also be easier to feel confident that everyone is receiving the right care when you have the same source for support.

Our Commitment To Helping Kids Maintain Healthy Smiles

At an early age, kids rely on their parents for help with cleaning their teeth. In the dentist’s office, they will receive helpful cleanings and reviews during their visits. We take care to make these early appointments as comfortable and welcoming as possible, as those initial visits can influence how comfortable kids are future appointments. In addition to providing the kind of routine care that adults receive, we can keep you updated on your child’s growing oral structures, and warn you about any concerns, like malocclusion, that can call for treatment later.

Why Dental Checkups Remain Important For Adults

You should remain committed to good oral hygiene habits over time. Without professional services, you can fail to realize when a problem like tooth decay becomes an active concern. Early cavity detection and treatment can lead to care before there are complications. While your goal should be to completely avoid cavities, treatment with a dental filling is more conservative than the kind of care you might require if decay goes unnoticed. Adults also benefit from periodontal care over time, as this helps you maintain your general health and avoid tooth loss.

Schedule Professional Dental Care At Our Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office!

Through regular dental exams and cleanings, patients of all ages have an easier time preserving their dental and periodontal health. Because our Ankeny, IA dental practice is committed to providing support to patients of all ages, we can make it easier for you to arrange dental services for everyone in your family! To find out more, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.