How Periodontal Cleanings Fit Into Preventive Dental Care

If you see your dentist for routine preventive care on a regular basis, you can feel confident that you know what to expect during your next appointment. While there are services that we provide consistently for patients’ benefits, there are some actions we will only take on when you show signs of certain oral health issues. For example, when patients exhibit symptoms of gingivitis, we will perform a periodontal cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing, to fight their infection. It is important to provide this service when needed instead of a regular teeth cleaning, as it stops problems with gingivitis before they turn into long-term periodontal concerns. To avoid this condition and better protect your gums, stay consistent with dental exams, and make sure you practice good oral hygiene at home!

How Can You Tell If Your Gums Are Not Healthy?

There are symptoms of gingivitis that you can identify without your dentist’s help. You might observe changes in the appearance of your gums. An infection can lead to gum line recession as well as problems with swelling and discoloration. When you clean your teeth, you may notice that you tend to bleed. Another problem, chronic bad breath, is a symptom you may need to work to keep hidden until your infection is addressed!

While gingivitis is a problem that you can spot on your own, you should not assume that you are problem-free just because you have not observed any issues. At a regular dental exam, your dentist will be able to check you more closely for issues. Early detection leads to timely treatment, something that prevents difficulties in the long term that you can encounter.

The Role Periodontal Cleanings Play In Preserving Your Overall Health

Patients who show symptoms of gingivitis at a routine appointment will receive a periodontal cleaning instead of their typical dental cleaning. By providing a scaling and root planing, we manage to remove harmful bacteria that are already accumulating on the roots of your teeth. We can do this to prevent gingivitis from progressing and becoming more serious. As a result, you will regain healthy tissues, and you will not have to worry about complications over time!

Other Important Services Provided During Preventive Appointments

There are many issues that your dentist can identify and address during a routine checkup, even if you are not aware that something is wrong at the time. You may not realize when a cavity forms – fortunately, decay can be identified and treated with a dental filling before it worsens. We can also alert you to signs of bruxism, or persistent teeth grinding. When this is not addressed, the wear and tear that results can lead to unwelcome changes to your appearance and dental health.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Scheduling Preventive Care

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