Using Conservative Care To Address Dental Wear And Tear

While cosmetic dentistry can address more significant concerns like dental injuries or naturally occurring flaws, a procedure can also address problems with wear and tear that gradually worsen over time. Even if wear and tear does not change your oral health and appearance in significant ways, it can hurt the quality of your smile and prematurely age you. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can take on problems with wear and tear through conservative cosmetic treatment. A since procedure can restore the look of teeth that appear flat, misshapen, or even discolored, with the results giving you renewed confidence in your overall appearance.

Are You Bothered By Teeth That Look Misshapen And Unhealthy?

Gradual wear and tear can begin to affect your smile, though for some people these changes remain difficult to detect. However, for some, premature wear and tear can make them look older and less healthy. Sometimes, this early wear and tear is a result of someone having naturally weak enamel. It can also happen if you have a problem with teeth grinding, particularly when you unconsciously grind your teeth while asleep. If teeth look flat or misshapen, if they appear generally worn down, or if any other gradual changes affect your appearance, cosmetic treatment can help. A cosmetic procedure can actually deliver meaningful results while only requiring superficial changes to your tooth structure.

Arranging Tooth Bonding And Contouring Treatment

Tooth bonding and contouring work can improve the way you look while minimizing changes to your enamel and removing the need for permanent restorations. Through contouring, we can change a tooth’s shape if it appears jagged or uneven. This is a procedure that can also help if teeth stand out for being too large. The bonding procedure relies on a composite material to cover problems with the shape, size, and color of teeth that look out of place or unattractive. Because we do not need to use permanent restorations to change your appearance, we can complete a procedure in as little as one visit!

Other Solutions To Problems With Wear And Tear

If you have problems with wear and tear because of bruxism, make treatment for your teeth grinding a priority before you experience serious dental damage. In time, you can put enough pressure on teeth to damage your enamel and create problems that call for restorative dental work. We can restore damaged teeth with lifelike dental crowns so that we can both address trouble with your bite and improve your appearance. For those who qualify for cosmetic work, we can discuss treatment with porcelain veneers instead of tooth bonding and contouring.

Discuss Cosmetic Improvements With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist!

If you are growing concerned about enamel wear and tear, and its impact on your smile, speak with your Ankeny, IA dentist about your options for treatment! To find out how we can help you, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.