Habits That Help You Avoid Gingivitis

If you notice that your gums have started to bleed more easily, that the tissues appear swollen, or that your gum line is beginning to recede, you should be concerned about your periodontal health. Problems with an infection can grow more serious than you may think possible. Over time, your trouble with gingivitis can lead to more severe gum disease, and that can leave you vulnerable to tooth loss and other problems! The good news is that by scheduling preventive dental services, you create opportunities for your Ankeny, IA dentist to help protect your smile. When we observe symptoms of gingivitis, we can recommend that you undergo a deep periodontal cleaning instead of the typical cleaning performed at a checkup. This service removes bacteria from below the gum line to reverse gingivitis and restore the health of your tissues.

Why Gingivitis Is A Problem You Should Not Ignore

Gingivitis is the first stage of a periodontal infection, one that can still be reversed. Because it is reversible, and it can be dealt with before there are long-term consequences, you may feel that the threat it poses is not serious. Unfortunately, gum disease can become a more upsetting issue if it is not addressed in time. An infection that is given time to progress can affect your general health, and it can do damage to the tissues that support teeth, leading to losses that leave you with an incomplete smile.

Daily Behaviors That Protect Your Gums

Your oral hygiene routine can help you avoid issues with gingivitis as well as with the dental problems that make restorative dental work necessary. Make sure that when you brush and floss, you always clean at your gum line. Removing plaque that can build up against these tissues will stop bacteria from moving to the roots of your teeth to cause trouble for your health. Being consistent with these practices is also important. To keep bacteria and food debris from gathering unchecked, you should brush your teeth at least twice and floss at least once per day.

The Role Dental Appointments Play In Protecting Your Periodontal Health

At every routine dental checkup, your dentist looks carefully to see if you have any dental problems or issues with poor gum health. People who arrive to their checkups with symptoms of gingivitis can undergo a deep cleaning to remove bacteria that are responsible for their infection. Performing this service protects your tissues and gives them the opportunity to recover before complications occur.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Avoiding Gingivitis

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