Undergoing A Periodontal Cleaning

At many typical routine dental checkups, patients receive an evaluation and teeth cleaning. With that said, the approach taken to caring for a patient can change when that patient has an issue, like gingivitis, that calls for attention. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can provide a periodontal cleaning when you have symptoms of gingivitis. By providing this service, we can take care of bacteria that are gathering below your gum line. This stops an infection from worsening, and it also gives your gums the chance to recover. Without the appropriate care, gum disease can become a serious issue, one that can cause tooth loss and other problems.

What Makes A Periodontal Cleaning Different From A Regular Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleanings remove plaque and food debris as well as tartar buildup. This is an important service, as it helps you protect yourself against trouble with tooth decay and gum disease. It also removes visible tartar buildup that can hurt the way you look. If you are dealing with gingivitis, we can recommend a special periodontal cleaning instead of a typical teeth cleaning treatment. What separates these services? Through periodontal cleaning, we remove bacteria buildup already present below your gum line. This stops an infection, and lets your periodontal tissues heal before there are health complications that have to be addressed.

Why Gingivitis Is Something You Should Take Seriously

When gingivitis is not treated in time, your infection can worsen. If this happens, your condition can become difficult to manage. Advanced periodontal disease is an issue you can find yourself fighting for the long term. If it is not managed successfully, you can experience serious problems, including tooth loss! Fortunately, you can remain protected against this problem when you go in for routine appointments.

What Can I Do To Fight Gum Disease Between Appointments?

Between your regular checkups, you should stick to a consistent and thorough oral hygiene routine. You protect your teeth and gums when you brush and floss each day. To keep your periodontal tissues healthy, make sure you clean effectively at your gum line each day. You should also protect yourself by limiting your intake of foods and drinks that are high in sugar, as these products provide more food for harmful oral bacteria.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist’s Office About Scheduling A Periodontal Cleaning

When it is necessary to do so, your dentist will recommend a periodontal cleaning instead of a standard teeth cleaning. What this does is remove bacteria that are gathering on the roots of your teeth – taking care of these microbes will help you recover from gingivitis and maintain healthy gums! To find out more about our practice and services, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.