How Does A Dental Bridge Stay In Place?

The problems you face because of tooth loss can be difficult to ignore, and they can lead to feelings of frustration and self-consciousness. Fortunately, a procedure to replace a missing tooth can give you back more than just a complete smile, as a secure restoration can support your bite and lower your risk for more losses. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, patients who want to close a gap left in their smile can learn about the benefits of receiving a dental bridge. A bridge is a permanent restoration that we can put in position without the need for oral surgery. The appliance is custom-made to ensure that it fits properly, and to make sure that it looks natural and attractive.

Why You Should Look Into A Permanent Restoration For A Lost Tooth

Replacing a lost tooth with a permanent restoration can provide many advantages. You will have an easier time biting and chewing when you no longer have to work around a gap, and you can smile with more confidence. With a permanent restoration, you will not have to worry about a loose or insecure appliance bothering you during the day. Because a bridge is something that we can secure without oral surgery, it can be an appealing treatment option for many, and it can lead to a beneficial smile change in a shorter time than you expect.

Closing Your Smile Gap With A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is designed with a pair of crowns at either end. The crowns serve to hold your restoration in place – they are set over the teeth at either side of your gap. Before you receive your appliance, your dentist will take careful measurements to make sure that your bridge looks natural and fits without difficulty. The stability provided by your crowns can give you enough support to trust that your bridge will stay in place even as you bite and chew with it.

Discussing Treatment With A Dental Implant

Dental implants can hold restorations without modifying neighboring teeth. An implant is placed directly in your jawbone. Once it is in position, and after you take the time to heal, you can have a custom appliance secured to it so that you can bite, chew, and speak without feeling uncomfortable. It can also stimulate the surrounding bone when used, something that helps prevent deterioration over time.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Receiving A Dental Bridge

With a dental bridge, we can close your smile gap and give you renewed confidence in your dental health as well as your appearance. We can meet with you to discuss the positive impact of restorative treatment, and we can also work with you on plans to help you stay on top of your smile care needs. To find out more, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.