The Benefits Of Conservative Cosmetic Work

While you can be relieved to hear that a cosmetic procedure will only require conservative changes, you may worry that those changes are not going to produce the kind of visible improvements that you want. How much can your Ankeny, IA dentist really do to improve the way you look with a careful approach? With just one conservative cosmetic procedure, you can see big improvements in your appearance. This is because we can target the specific issues that make you self-conscious while preserving the surrounding enamel. Through tooth bonding and contouring work, we can actually make your smile brighter and more symmetrical without placing any permanent restorations!

What Kind Of Changes Can A Conservative Treatment Really Offer?

Through a conservative tooth bonding and contouring procedure, there are many positive changes we can make to the way a patient looks. These two approaches to treatment take care to minimize overall changes to your enamel. At the end of a procedure, you can be free of distracting problems like dental damage, discoloration, and even problems with the shape or size of teeth. Because there is no need to design or place restorations with this approach, we can have your smile restored in as little as one visit!

Targeting Specific Issues With Your Smile

One advantage to choosing tooth bonding and contouring work over other cosmetic dental procedures is that we can take action against specific issues. For example, we can target a chip in one tooth that draws unwanted attention without capping it with a veneer or crown. We can also carefully even out a jagged tooth by contouring it, so there is no need for a restoration. These changes are carefully applied so that your overall smile is more symmetrical, and so that you are free from any visible blemishes that have drawn unwanted notice.

Why You Might Need A Crown To Restore A Problem Tooth

It is possible that you will need more than just cosmetic treatment for a tooth, particularly if its condition or size interferes with your bite function. For more serious issues, we may need to cap your tooth with a custom dental crown. While this is a more involved process, there are benefits to this treatment approach that should not be ignored. One is that your crown can provide better bite support, and that can lead to a more comfortable dental function. Another is that this restoration can better protect your dental structure so that damage does not affect your tooth and oral health.

Discuss Conservative Cosmetic Dental Work With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist!

Through a conservative cosmetic dental procedure, our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office can give you exciting smile changes to start showing off! To find out more, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.