Oral Health During The Holiday Season

As we count down the weeks until the end of the year, many of us will arrange and enjoy holiday-related plans. Whether you travel, host people, or simply keep to smaller celebrations, this time can be fun, but it can also be a busier period in your life, and it can be a time when you are less observant of your diet choices. These changes can introduce more risks for cavities, as your teeth can be exposed to more sugars, and because you may be less thorough with your oral hygiene routine while traveling. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we are happy to provide regular preventive dental services, but remember that at all times of the year, including the holidays, you should do your part to keep your smile in good condition.

Will The Start Of The Holiday Season Change Your Cavity Risk?

As we move into the holiday season, you can have plans for gatherings that are either set or being finalized. If those plans include travel, your time on the road may throw off your oral hygiene routine, which means plaque buildup can have more time to harden and form tartar. Even if you intend to stay home, richer and more indulgent meals and desserts can impact your cavity risk. It is a good idea to be mindful of this, and to make sure you keep up with habits that help you avoid problems. After all, while the holidays can be plenty of fun, ending your year with restorative dental work can certainly be unwelcome.

Keep Up With Good Habits At Home (And While Traveling)

Whether you are home for the holidays or traveling to see friends and family, make sure your oral hygiene routine remains consistent. Even a short break from brushing and flossing can be a problem, as you can suffer the accumulation of tartar, a substance that will remain in place until your next scheduled teeth cleaning. Make sure that your plans still afford you time to carefully clean your smile and protect both your teeth and gums.

Our Practice Is Here To Help Patients Of All Ages In And Around Our Community

Remember that our practice offers family dental care, which means we can help both kids and adults in and around Ankeny! For adults, preventive services can provide the kind of support that prevents the onset of troubling issues like tooth decay and gum disease, and they can lead to the discovery and treatment of problems like bruxism. For children, pediatric appointments are an opportunity to discuss the importance of good oral health as well as the practices that help prevent problems.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Maintaining Your Oral Health

At any time of year, the right approach to oral care is certainly important! If you have questions about how you can keep your teeth and gums healthy, or if you are due for your next dental appointment, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.