Providing Dental Services For Families

In order to keep everyone in your family healthy, you should be mindful of the effect that oral hygiene has on your overall well-being. The right commitment to dental care will help preserve your smile as well as your health. Starting from an early age, access to reliable dental care will play an important part in your larger efforts to keep your smile in good condition. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can provide dependable services to everyone in your household. That means you can trust your smile care to us, and you can also rely on us to help your kids keep up with their oral health. Because we make care available to people of all ages, we can make scheduling and attending dental appointments easier.

Our Practice Can Serve Patients Of All Ages

Our practice provides dependable dental services for adults as well as pediatric oral health care for kids. Because we can serve everyone in your family, we can see to it that you have no questions about how to protect the smiles of everyone in your household. For adults, we can focus on ongoing care to prevent cavities and gum disease, and we can offer timely warnings if we observe problems like bruxism, which can wear down your enamel over time. For kids, we can combine important all-ages preventive services with the kind of guidance and direct support that will help them learn to maintain good oral hygiene habits on their own.

Make Sure You Keep Up With Your Oral Hygiene Efforts

Parents can be understandably preoccupied with caring for their children, but when it comes to oral hygiene, you can help them by making sure you help yourself. By scheduling your own dental checkups, you can make the appointments feel less scary to younger kids. When you model good oral hygiene efforts, they can have an easier time picking them up and taking them seriously. We can see to it that your smile stays healthy by providing regular cleanings, and by watching for any issues that might require restorative treatment. Timely work to address an active problem like dental decay will help you avoid unwelcome complications.

How We Help Kids Maintain Healthy Smiles

Through their pediatric dental visits, your kids can enjoy important ongoing support, and you can receive regular feedback about the development of their oral structures. We can also provide guidance to help them grow more comfortable caring for their teeth on their own. As a result, they can be better prepared to take this task on for themselves once they are old enough to do so.

You Can Bring Your Family For Valuable Dental Care At Dental Impressions!

By taking advantage of our family dental care, you can make sure everyone in your household maintains healthy, confident smiles! To find out more about how we can help you, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.