Responding To Active Oral Health Concerns

If you have no concerns about the health or appearance of your smile, you should still keep up with your regular dental exams. After all, these visits provide protection so that you can keep your teeth and gums healthy, and they provide early warnings about problems that are not yet causing you difficulties. Our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office is here to help you protect your oral health with regular exams and cleanings. With that said, we are also here to support you when you do feel that something is wrong. We can work with you to make sure active concerns are promptly and properly addressed. Because we provide restorative treatments that preserve the appearance of teeth, we can offer this support without making undesired changes to your smile!

We Are Here To Help When Something Is Wrong With Your Smile

While we are here to provide regular updates about your oral health through preventive appointments, we also want patients to reach out when they suspect something may be wrong. We can work with you on booking a convenient treatment so that you will not have to wait for the care that you require. During your visit, we will look for the root of your trouble, and from there we can plan the appropriate response. This support addresses more than just issues like tooth decay and gum disease. We can also provide beneficial restorative dental work in response to an injury that affects the health and appearance of a tooth.

Our Restorations Can Preserve Your Appearance And Dental Function

Whether you ultimately need a dental filling or dental crown at the end of your treatment, you can count on your procedure to preserve your smile as well as your oral health. Dental fillings are your more conservative treatment option. With this restoration, we only need to cover the affected area, and we can leave your surrounding tooth structure alone. While a crown calls for more preparatory work and more permanent changes to your tooth structure, it can provide more protection, which is important when a tooth is in a vulnerable state.

Regular Visits Reduce Your Risk For Active Problems

Simply put, your risk for issues like tooth decay and gum disease lower when you keep up with your regular dental exams. Checkups and cleanings should be a part of your oral care routine even when you feel that you have nothing to worry about with regards to the well-being of your smile. Because these visits include careful cleanings, they do reduce your risk for problems in the future.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Your Active Oral Health Concerns

In addition to providing ongoing preventive services, our practice can help you at times when you suspect something is wrong with your smile! If you would like to learn more or set an appointment with us, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.