Are You Seeing Signs Of Gingivitis?

When you care for your smile each day, do you visually inspect your teeth and gums? A visual review can be more helpful than you realize, particularly when you know what signs of gingivitis to look out for. The warning signs of gum disease can be identified, so you can recognize that you have a problem even if you do not have active discomfort. Detection can lead to better care, as well as the recognition that you should talk to your dentist. Remember that our Ankeny, IA dental practice is here to help when you think something is wrong, and we are also here to protect you through ongoing preventive exams and cleanings!

Look Out For The Early Warning Signs Of Gum Disease

When you develop a problem with gum disease, you become vulnerable to more trouble than you might realize. Eventually, an infection can progress beyond its initial stage, gingivitis, and become difficult to manage. A more severe problem with this condition can raise your risk for tooth loss, make it harder to manage your general health, and do worrying damage to your soft tissues. Fortunately, this problem is a reversible one when it is caught in time. Look out for issues like swollen and discolored tissues, changes in your gum line, and trouble with bleeding after you brush and floss to determine if you need to worry about your periodontal health.

Better Oral Hygiene Efforts Can Help You Protect Your Periodontal Tissues

The first line of defense you maintain on behalf of your teeth and gums is your daily smile care routine. Simply put, you should have habits in place that keep bacteria from gathering on your smile and accumulating on your roots. Brushing thoroughly two times a day will help with this. With that said, to more thoroughly protect yourself, you should include flossing in your routine, as brushing alone can do too little for the spaces between teeth. Make sure that you floss with a vertical motion to remove all bacteria in these spaces and protect your periodontal tissues.

Receive Regular Updates About Your Oral Health At Dental Exams

No matter how thorough you are when you clean your teeth, you should take time to schedule regular dental exams. At these appointments, you will receive helpful updates about your oral health, including warnings about gingivitis and the recent formation of a cavity. When it comes to treating these issues, early detection can make effective treatments more conservative!

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Your Gingivitis Concerns

Through regular appointments with your dentist and at-home efforts at smile care, you can protect yourself against the potential consequences of gum disease! For more information, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.