Tooth Loss Is A Problem We Can Treat!

Once you lose a tooth, you can feel as if your smile and oral health are permanently changed for the worse. Until this problem is treated, you can expect to encounter different difficulties. Problems with your bite function and oral health can accompany worries about your appearance. As time passes, you are vulnerable to more issues, including the loss of more teeth! However, you do not have to simply live with these issues. You can take on the consequences of tooth loss when you plan the appropriate prosthetic services. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can recommend work with a dental bridge, or we can discuss the benefits of restoring a dental implant to give you back your complete smile.

We Can Help You Move Past Problems With Tooth Loss

Problems with tooth loss can be difficult to live with, but they can persist in negatively impacting you until you arrange prosthetic treatment. If people can see the gap left by your absent tooth, you can find it hard to feel comfortable with the way you look whenever you smile and speak. You can also have a difficult time biting and chewing foods, which can lead to more issues over time. There is also an increased risk for tooth loss associated with an absence, so that one missing tooth may turn into a problem with multiple missing teeth! Fortunately, the problems you face can be resolved when you have a permanent prosthetic secured.

Closing A Smile Gap With A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge makes it possible for us to permanently close a smile gap without a procedure that demands oral surgery. The restoration you receive includes at least one pontic (replacement tooth) and two dental crowns. By placing the crowns on teeth surrounding a smile gap, we can close the empty space in your smile and give you renewed confidence in the way you look. This is a stable enough arrangement to make biting and chewing easier, so you can enjoy a more varied diet and worry less about a flawed bite creating more trouble for your oral health.

Implant Dentistry And Your Oral Health

Implant dentistry provides many benefits for someone who has suffered tooth loss. One reason to consider this treatment approach is that it prevents issues with your jaw health from becoming a concern. When we lose teeth, we go without the support that our roots provide. That support includes the stimulation of surrounding jaw tissues, which maintains the flow of nutrients to the bone. With an implant in place, you can create stimulation again, and you can provide more stability for neighboring teeth roots.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Dealing With Tooth Loss

Through treatment for tooth loss, you can take on problems with your appearance as well as your oral health. To review your options for making your smile complete again, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.