Resolving Problems Linked To Bruxism

Your trouble with dental wear and tear could be connected to teeth grinding issues that your dentist can help you manage. People who struggle with bruxism can talk to their Ankeny, IA dentist’s office about how to protect themselves against worsening enamel wear and tear. In addition to providing protection against further trouble with grinding and clenching, our practice can offer support through treatments that address the impact that your issue has had on your smile. That can mean enjoying conservative cosmetic treatment, but it can also mean receiving a dental crown that will offer support for a tooth that needs more protection.

Bruxism Can Cause Discomfort As Well As Damage To Your Smile

There are several reasons to discuss treatment for bruxism when you start to suspect that it affects you. Nightly grinding and clenching will be difficult for you to control on your own, and until it is dealt with, it can cause worsening harm to your enamel. Permanent changes to your smile can occur, and so can more serious damages that create problems for your overall well-being. Simply put, the longer you wait to say something, the more likely you are to have more severe damage that requires restorative dental work.

Putting A Stop To Further Teeth Grinding Troubles

When you receive a custom oral appliance from your dentist to stop your teeth grinding troubles, you can feel confident that your smile is safe from potential harm. Wearing this appliance at night will keep your teeth apart, which means you can put a stop to the issues that bruxism will create. In addition to stopping teeth grinding issues, this will reduce pressure on your jaw joints and muscles, another potential source of discomfort.

Planning Treatment To Restore Worn And Damaged Teeth

The degree of damage to your tooth structure will determine what kind of care you require. It may be necessary for you to plan a restorative dental procedure, as the damage to your enamel may have created a need for this support. However, when you resolve this problem in time, it may only be necessary for you to have cosmetic dental work done, which can be more conservative and minimize changes to your tooth structure. Your options even include dental bonding and contouring work that can be completed in just one appointment.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Resolving Problems With Bruxism

Through treatment for bruxism, our practice can make sure that your smile is protected against worsening wear and tear from teeth grinding. We can also make sure that your teeth are restored through services that address chips, cracks, and other difficulties. If you would like to find out more, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.