Stay On The Lookout For Signs Of Gum Disease

The information your Ankeny, IA dentist provides during a routine oral health examination can lead to timely care that prevents serious issues from affecting your smile. As your review takes place, your teeth will not be all that receive attention. These visits are important because they provide updates about a range of potential oral health concerns, including concerns about your periodontal health. While you may not realize that something is wrong with your gums, an issue can be spotted and addressed before gingivitis, the initial stage of an infection, grows more severe. Between visits, you can also keep an eye out for the early warning signs of an infection, which can point to issues with your oral hygiene routine and make a routine dental checkup appropriate.

Have You Overlooked The Warning Signs Of Gum Disease?

Your problems with your periodontal health may not be painful, but they can still create problems you can identify. Issues with gums that bleed more frequently, signs of swelling, and problems with discoloration or swelling can affect you. It is also possible that recent issues with bad breath are connected to the health of your gums. Once you recognize that something is wrong, you can make your next oral health appointment a priority, and you can make adjustments to your daily smile care routine to protect yourself more effectively.

How Regular Dental Visits Protect You Against Gingivitis

Your regular dental visits can control your risks for gum disease just as they can help you avoid cavities. At these appointments, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, which will remove the plaque and tartar that can form at the base of your teeth and make you vulnerable to an infection. If there are already signs of an infection present, we can recommend that you undergo a periodontal cleaning that will remove bacteria from your roots.

Should You Change The Way You Protect Your Smile At Home?

If you want to avoid future problems with gingivitis, make sure your oral hygiene routine is truly effective. To reach even those spaces that are hard to comfortably access, give yourself at least two minutes to brush, and take care to floss at least once per day. While flossing, work the string in a vertical direction to completely clear away bacteria that are present between teeth.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Concerning Signs Of Gum Disease

When you look out for the warning signs of gum disease, you can recognize when you need treatment for an infection. Timely care is important for preventing complications that can lead to long-term issues that put your smile and general health at risk. If you have questions about how we can help you take care of your teeth and gums, or if you have any other smile concerns that you want to discuss, please contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.