What Can A Dental Crown Do For Me?

At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we take care to provide a conservative approach to dental work. Because of this, we will only recommend services that involve the placement of crowns and other restorations when they are truly needed to address oral health matters. Dental crowns offer important support when issues like dental decay and physical harm seriously compromise the condition of a tooth. The good news is that in addition to providing a crown that can support your bite function, we can supply one that is capable of matching the appearance of your healthy enamel.

Restorative Dentistry Can Positively Change Your Smile And Oral Health

Our approach to restorative dental work can fully take on problems with your health while still making the preservation of your smile a priority. Any time we recommend treatment, we can take care to make the experience easier by being conservative with care, and by looking for ways to fully protect teeth without changing the way you look. When you need to have a dental crown put in place, we can see to it that it does not become a distraction for your smile. This is because we can use lifelike materials to craft these restorations; with both zirconia and porcelain, we can offer oral health and cosmetic benefits!

Receiving Your Custom Dental Crown

A custom crown can be put in place over two dental appointments. During the initial visit, we can provide preparatory work to make sure that your restoration fits securely over your tooth. We will also take measurements that can ensure we know what shape and size the crown needs to be. Once yours is made, you can return to our practice to have it put in position. At this point, you can appreciate just how much support a custom restoration provides, as you can rely on it to apply bite pressure when you eat. You can also marvel at how it looks, as it can be difficult for you to see any meaningful difference between it and your natural teeth.

The Trouble With Putting Off Restorative Dental Work

Through restorative dental work, our practice is able to take on potentially serious problems with your oral health and appearance, problems that can grow worse over time. You should know that if something is already serious enough to require a crown, the problem can grow more significant and lead to potential issues with infection and even tooth loss!

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About What A Dental Crown Can Do For You

With the right dental restoration, we can fully restore your tooth in a way that preserves your smile as well as your dental function. To find out more, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.