Check Out The Ankeny Art Center Reception Aug 4

On Thursday, August 4, the Ankeny Art Center will open its doors to welcome residents for a special reception event! Local artists Bob Cooper and Danielle Kelso will be on hand, and the event will help promote local non-profit activities. Guests at the event will be able to enjoy free refreshments provided by the center.

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The Ankeny Art Center’s event is taking place on Thursday, August 4, with the event scheduled to run from 5pm until 7pm.


The art center is located at 1520 SW Ordnance Rd.

Activities Include:

During this special reception event, the Ankeny Art Center will play host to local artists Bob Cooper and Danielle Kelso. In addition to meeting with the artists, you can learn more about non-profit activities benefiting the Ankeny community. Refreshments will be provided by the art center.

For More Information:

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