Reasons To Consider Receiving A Dental Bridge

There are different problems that can affect your oral health and quality of life. With that said, there are few issues that can impact your appearance and well-being like tooth loss, which creates permanent problems for your smile, bite function, and even your oral health. The good news is that the right restorative procedure can help you put this issue behind you. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can provide treatment with a custom prosthetic appliance that offers functional and cosmetic support. Placing a dental bridge to close your smile gap can help you bite and chew more easily, and it can help you feel better about your appearance, while not requiring oral surgery to secure.

Stop Letting Tooth Loss Hurt Your Quality Of Life!

Tooth loss can take a serious toll on your quality of life by robbing you of confidence in how you look while also interfering with your oral health. The loss of just one tooth is enough to change how you apply and release bite pressure. This can put more strain on remaining teeth, and it can also make it more difficult for you to enjoy certain products and narrow your diet. You also need to worry about the teeth at either side of your gap, as they are more likely to loosen and become lost over time. It can be frustrating to live with this problem; fortunately, resolving it can require less work than you anticipate, as a dental bridge can be permanently set in place without the need for oral surgery.

Receiving A Custom Dental Bridge

A custom dental bridge is capable of closing your smile gap and improving your bite strength. It is held in place with a pair of dental crowns that are set at either side of the pontic, the replacement tooth itself. Once the crowns are secured to neighboring teeth, you can see how your lifelike custom appliance fits in with your smile and improves how you look. The stability that this arrangement offers can ensure that you are able to apply pressure and once again bite and chew foods that were difficult to enjoy.

How Implant Dentistry Resolves Problems With Tooth Loss

Implant dentistry provides another solution for tooth loss, one that mimics the kind of stability that our natural teeth have thanks to their roots. The implants themselves are placed carefully in your jawbone. Care is taken to make sure they are placed in areas where teeth roots were previously held. After you heal, you will receive your custom appliance, which can help to restore your bite, appearance, and oral health!

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Receiving A Dental Bridge

Through the placement of a custom dental bridge, a person’s smile and bite function can be effectively restored! If you want to learn more, contact Dental Impressions at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.