Arranging Treatment For Dental Decay

During an ideal oral health exam, you can receive a teeth cleaning as well as an evaluation that confirms you have no issues with your oral health. It can be less than ideal to learn that you do have a problem, but there is an advantage to finding out this way. Your Ankeny, IA dentist can point out that something is wrong and provide the appropriate restorative services before complications can occur. This means your restorative work is ultimately more conservative, and it also means that you are less likely to endure the kinds of issues that can turn a problem with one tooth into a larger problem with your oral and general health.

What Can You Expect When You Schedule Care For Dental Decay?

Whether you learn of a cavity during a dental exam or reach out because you feel something is wrong, you can look forward to restorative dental work that prioritizes protecting your tooth as well as preserving your smile. Dr. Foust will carefully tend to the affected area and remove decayed tissues. After this, the tooth will require permanent support. The choice to use a dental filling or dental crown will be made after assessing the severity of your cavity and the amount of protection that your tooth will ultimately require.

Planning Treatment With A Lifelike Dental Filling Or Dental Crown

Through the placement of a dental filling or dental crown, we can see to it that your tooth is restored without disrupting your appearance. A dental filling is the more conservative option, as it takes up less space and demands less preparatory work. This restoration is applied directly to where your cavity formed. After the application of the resin substance used for fillings, the tooth will be protected, as the substance will harden in place and offer lasting support. A dental crown will require more preparatory work, which means your tooth structure experiences more significant changes. This provides space for your custom restoration, which will surround the tooth and give it protection while not interfering with your neighbors. Crowns can be made with different substances, including those that are able to closely match healthy enamel.

How Regular Checkups Lower Your Risk For Problems With Cavities

Dental exams do more than just let you know when you need treatment for dental decay. These visits also provide the kind of preventive care and guidance that make you less likely to have difficulties with decay in the future! One big reason for this is that your smile will be professionally cleaned, so tartar and plaque deposits are removed before they can cause further harm. Another is that you can rely on guidance during these visits to improve your oral hygiene routine at home and make avoiding future cavities easier.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Treatment For Dental Decay

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