Porcelain Veneers Have A Hollywood History

Porcelain veneers are an enamel enhancement that uses a translucent ceramic to even your smile and strengthen the existing tooth material. Did you know that this process first started in the Golden Age of Hollywood? A Los Angeles dentist named Dr. Charles Pincus first invented a process using porcelain in 1929. He was hired to help create a special effect prosthetic. While these were never intended to be worn permanently, the material was strikingly similar to our natural enamel.

Today, porcelain veneers are a common procedure in which your existing tooth is improved through the use of a slim layer of ceramic. These are permanently attached to your natural smile and you maintain them through routine oral health maintenance. Discover how a porcelain veneer cosmetic dentistry procedure in Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA could help you to restore worn or cracked enamel. Look your best with a beautiful even smile that appropriately spreads strain throughout the mouth. Over the last century, porcelain veneers have come a very long way!

How Porcelain Veneers Came To Be

The first use of porcelain as an enamel improvement came in 1929, when Hollywood dentist Dr. Charles Pincus was hired to create a special effect for a movie. He used a form of ceramic that is well known for its durability while also elegantly white. The material worked incredibly well!

In the 1950s, a different process called etching was developed. This is the acidic abrasion of natural enamel so that cement can take hold better in the rough and porous surface. Etching was a game changer in making porcelain veneers possible for permanent attachment.

Can Veneers Help Me?

For over forty years now, the connection of a translucent porcelain layer over the enamel has become a popular way to develop a beautiful set of teeth that are even and strong. These durable caps can last over a decade with proper oral health maintenance before replacement. Keep to your twice daily brushing and floss every single day to maximize the benefit of your veneers.

Initially, schedule a consultation and examination at our Ankeny, IA office and we can determine your next steps. Speak candidly about the desires you have with your smile, as porcelain veneers are highly versatile. Beyond enamel reconstruction, minor alignment concerns may be able to be addressed through simple scaling and orientation.

Beautiful Enamel Reconstruction With Dental Impressions

Since enamel does not regrow, it is helpful to rebuild lost material with porcelain veneers. Replace and enhance your existing material while tidying up your smile for a more gorgeous appearance. Call Dental Impressions in Ankeny, NY at (515) 207-6182 for more information or to schedule an examination and consultation to develop your new porcelain veneer solution.