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Remarkable Improvements For Whitening Teeth

If your teeth are no longer as bright as you would wish, you are not alone. Teeth that were once distinctly white may take on stains or a yellowed look that suggests an aged appearance. This can cause embarrassment and discourage you from showing off a confident smile. For this reason, your Ankeny, IA dentist’s office provides treatments to help improve the shade of your teeth and return pride to your personal appearance. We offer a professional teeth whitening service that strips stains from your enamel in as little as a single visit to our office! For patients who desire a more comprehensive solution, we also place porcelain veneers that address dental discoloration in addition to other esthetic concerns. By exploring your cosmetic dental treatment options, you will discover how easy it can be to regain the bright look of white teeth!

Making A First Impression

Because others concentrate on your smile whenever you speak, its appearance plays an important role in the mark that you leave. To prevent a yellowed look or other stains from causing unwanted distraction, cosmetic dentistry can provide a clean bright appearance to your teeth. Our treatments can help you gain confidence when interacting with others at home or at work. Simply discuss your desire to whiten your smile with your dentist and we can explore which treatment best fits your condition.

Teeth Whitening Removes Stains

We can provide a teeth whitening gel to gently remove stains by bleaching the surface of your teeth and improve their shade. This service removes the dark pigmentation from sodas, red wine, and coffee that cause common stains. To accommodate your schedule, we can perform treatment in our office or provide you with a series of trays for take-home use. Enjoy long-lasting results with the guidance of a professional treatment.

Porcelain Veneers Restore A Bright Smile

You can also improve the shade of your teeth and address other dental damage with placement of porcelain veneers. This solution helps those that do not respond well to whitening gel treatment due to intrinsic causes of discoloration. If your teeth appear yellow because of the loss of enamel, consider veneers to return their white shade. Material selection allows us to match their shade to your desired color. Made from a thin layer of porcelain, this solution can cover cracks and chips by simply covering your teeth.

Speak With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist To Brighten Your Smile Today!

Cosmetic dentistry can address discoloration and staining of your teeth in a few visits to our office. Professional whitening services and porcelain veneer placement can both brighten your smile! To schedule a visit, please call your Ankeny, IA dentist at 515-207-6182. Our team at Dental Impressions welcomes patients from Alleman, Elkhart, Bondurant, and any other surrounding community.