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Protecting Your Teeth From Constant Clenching

If you suspect you clench or grind your teeth throughout the night, you may be causing serious damage to your oral health while you sleep. This is because this habit, otherwise known as bruxism, wears away your enamel and increases your susceptibility to tooth decay and gum disease. The uneven wear of the height of your teeth can shift the alignment of your bite leading to further complications with your oral health. While many people occasionally bite their teeth from time to time, when you do this constantly, it becomes a concern that you should bring up with your dentist. Left untreated, the progression of bruxism can cause your teeth to become yellow and give a rapidly aging appearance. This yellow look can even result regardless of your oral hygiene habits.

Your Ankeny, IA, dentist understands the frustration of grinding your teeth while you are unconscious. Fortunately, we can provide a solution to stop damage to your teeth by wearing an oral guard. When you place your guard between your teeth before bed, you can protect each row from biting the other and relieve the erosion of constant clenching. This relief extends to the muscles of your face and jaw as you no longer remain tense throughout the night.

When You Clench And Grind Your Teeth At Night

How do you detect a habit that happens when you are not awake? While your dentist can tell you when they notice serious wear and tear on the enamel of your teeth, there are other ways to catch a grinding habit. Consider asking a family member to observe you while you sleep. They can see movement within your mouth and possibly hear the sound of your teeth biting as well. Report your concerns to your dentist and take a proactive role in protecting your smile from accelerated wear and tear!

Helping You Treat Your Bruxism

When we detect the effects of grinding and clenching your teeth, we will offer protection with oral appliance therapy. By wearing a custom-made oral guard at night, you can prevent the damage of bruxism and rest more soundly. Made from a BPA-free material, your guard prevents each row of teeth from touching one another to provide valuable relief.

To repair the appearance of your worn teeth, we also offer cosmetic services such as dental bonding. This conservative treatment allows you to build back up the structure of your teeth and restore the look of your healthy smile!

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Wearing An Oral Guard To Protect Your Teeth From Bruxism

We can help you end the damage from the nightly grinding of your teeth and restore the look of your smile! For more information or to schedule a visit, contact your Ankeny, IA, dentist’s office at 515-207-6182. We proudly serve patients from Alleman, Elkhart, Bondurant, and any other surrounding community as well!