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Valuable Replacements For Your Missing Teeth

Losing one of your teeth can cause serious frustrations that you least expect. Not only does this event affect your appearance and cause possible feelings of embarrassment, but your everyday functional ability suffers well. Activities such as speaking, biting, and chewing become more difficult as you strain your jaw around the new hole in your smile. You may begin to slur or lose the ability to make certain sounds, especially sounds that require touching your tongue to the surface of your teeth. Your teeth risk misaligning as they begin to drift into the gap. This is because neighbors no longer have the support of the tooth that once held them in place on both sides. As your teeth come out of alignment, the force of your bite shifts, and certain teeth receive more wear and tear than others. This can eventually lead to problems with decay or gum disease as the enamel prematurely erodes. By placing a reliable restoration when you lose a tooth, you can prevent these problems from advancing and return a winning smile!

At your Ankeny, IA, dentist’s office, we can evaluate the health of your jaw and determine which dental prosthetics best restore your missing tooth! By placing a solution such as a dental implant or dental bridge, we can return your bite and grant you the look of a full set of teeth. These devices help you feel confident showing off your smile while going about your normal day!

Dental Implants

When you lose a tooth, placing a dental implant can return important structural stability to serve the entirety of your mouth and jaw. While dental loss certainly affects your biting and chewing ability, did you know that the loss of your tooth’s root can lead to possible jawbone deterioration? This is because your bite transfers force through the root into the jaw which signals your brain to provide important nutrients for continued maintenance. When you lose the root, you lose the signal, and the body redirects nutrients elsewhere. By inserting an implant post directly into your jawbone, we restore the ability to transfer force and preserve the long-term density of your bone.

Dental Bridges

You can also restore the appearance of a full set of teeth by wearing a dental bridge. This prosthetic secures between crowns placed on neighboring teeth to prevent dental drift and restore your bite. When properly maintained, a custom bridge can restore your lifelike smile for years!

Speak With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Your Options For Replacing Missing Teeth!

Do not let losing a tooth create a permanent hole in your grin! With options such as a dental implant or bridge, we can prevent your teeth from drifting and restore a smile that makes you proud. For more information on replacing your tooth, schedule an appointment with our Ankeny, IA dentist, at 515-207-6182. We also serve patients who live in Alleman, Elkhart, Bondurant, and any other surrounding community!