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Protecting Your Teeth From Grinding

What steps do you take to help safeguard your smile? Practicing a healthy diet can fight cavities by limiting the amount of sugary snacks and drinks you consume. You should also be sure to brush and floss every day to remove plaque deposits that cause decay when left behind. But what can you do for an oral threat that occurs when you sleep? For people that grind their teeth at night, this habit can be hard to detect. The unconscious wear and tear of your smile may go unnoticed until significant damage accrues on the surface of your teeth. As the protection of your enamel wears away, your teeth become more susceptible to decay. The damage can also bring your teeth out of alignment, leading to even further problems with your oral health and comfort. To prevent these unfortunate outcomes, let your dentist know if you suspect this nightly activity.

At your Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we help our patients protect their smiles from bruxism and the associated pain that comes with grinding your teeth. This constant friction can stress your facial muscles and joint of your jaw, leading you to wake up feeling sore instead of refreshed. When you attend a routine dental exam, we will evaluate the health of your teeth and let you know if you exhibit serious wear and tear. To stop the habit from continuing, we can provide an oral guard for you to wear while you sleep.

Detecting The Signs Of Bruxism

Discovering your grinding habit may not be easy in its beginning forms. Because it generally happens while you sleep, you might be unaware of the wear and tear going on while you are unconscious. As the habit continues, damage may become obvious. Cracks and chips appear on the surface of your teeth, and you may feel soreness in your face and jaw. You could ask a family member to watch over you while you sleep. Grinding can be a noisy habit and they can watch your mouth for the motion of your teeth gnashing together as well.

Protection From An Oral Guard

If we spot the signs of bruxism at one of your routine checkups and cleanings, we can offer a custom-designed oral guard to protect your teeth at night. This appliance is created to fit your individual bite and will separate each row of teeth from damaging the other. Made from BPA-free material, your guard also relieves pressure from your bite, leading to waking up with more relaxation in your muscles.

Speak With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Safeguarding Your Smile From Bruxism

If you suspect a nightly grinding habit, we could provide an oral guard to help protect your smile. For more information on bruxism or to schedule a visit, please contact your Ankeny, IA, dentist’s office at 515-207-6182. We proudly serve patients from Alleman, Elkhart, Bondurant, and surrounding communities.