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Restoring Your Smile When Missing Teeth

If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you know how disruptive this problem can be. While the impact on your appearance may be obvious, there are also significant effects on your oral health when a tooth is lost. When speaking or chewing your food, you will find your mouth awkwardly navigating the new gap as everyday tasks become more difficult. In fact, you may even have to avoid some of your favorite foods if they are too sharp to now comfortably eat. Because your missing tooth no longer holds its neighbors in place, your remaining teeth may begin to drift and affect the alignment of your bite. As your alignment shifts out of position, your risk of gum disease and tooth decay can increase, leaving you even worse for wear. By seeking a replacement for your missing tooth, you can help prevent these complications from leading to additional missing teeth.

At your Ankeny, IA dentist, we know how shocking losing a tooth can be. This is why we help you restore your smile with lifelike dental prosthetics that return the function and form of your natural tooth. When you visit our office, we can evaluate the nature of your loss and provide the proper solution to fix your bite. With the placement of a dental implant, you can enjoy a healthy grin that you are proud of once more!

When You Lose A Tooth

Losing a single tooth harms your alignment because your teeth normally rely on each member of your smile to hold their proper position. Your new gap creates space for teeth on either side to shift, and as they move, the teeth behind them can shift as well. Certain remaining teeth have to take on additional force from your bite which causes stress they are not used to. This can quickly lead to chips, cracks, and erosion of the protective enamel layer, leading to yellow teeth and tooth decay. You may experience a sore jaw each day as your jaw shifts out of position to accommodate your gap when taking a bite. To avoid these complications, seek treatment with a restorative appliance.

Placing A Dental Implant

We can return the form and function of your missing tooth with the placement of a dental implant. By inserting a titanium post directly into the socket of your jaw, the implant secures sturdily to your oral tissues for years to come. An abutment at the end of your implant post allows for the connection of a dental crown above your gumline to blend in naturally with your remaining teeth.

Speak With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Treatment For Your Missing Teeth!

To avoid the health risks of a lost tooth, consider treatment with a dental implant. For more information on replacing your tooth, schedule an appointment with our Ankeny, IA dentist, at 515-207-6182. We also serve patients who live in Alleman, Elkhart, Bondurant, and any other surrounding community!