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Dental Implants Replace Your Lost Tooth

If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you understand how frustrating adapting to this change can be. Not only does a missing tooth impact the look of your smile, but it can have serious effects on your oral health as well. Because your bite relies upon each tooth in your mouth to operate properly, losing just one can bring it out of alignment quickly. Left untreated, your remaining teeth can drift into the open gap bringing your bite even further out of alignment. When your bite is uneven, certain teeth take a disproportionate amount of force which can erode their protective enamel surface. As you lose the protection of this layer, you become more susceptible to gum disease, cavities, and other health risks. Your comfort takes a hit, as well as you must now shift your jaw in awkward positions to avoid your gap when chewing food. You may have to avoid certain favorite foods to not cause any harm. Because we rely upon our teeth to articulate speech, you and others may notice your voice sounds different. But by taking steps to replace your missing tooth, you can prevent or treat many of these undesirable symptoms.

At your Ankeny, IA dental practice, we can return your smile after tooth loss with the aid of a prosthetic replacement. By placing a dental implant into your open gap, we can install an artificial tooth above your gum line to restore your bite. Modern materials provide a lifelike appearance to benefit your appearance, so treating your lost tooth can make your smile whole once again!

Losing One Of Your Teeth

Whether from gum disease, tooth decay, or physical trauma, losing a tooth can escalate risks to your oral health. When neighboring teeth lose the support of their neighbors, your entire bite is affected. This is why focusing on the functional impact of tooth loss is important in addition to addressing your cosmetic concerns. By returning the function of a proper bite, you can reduce stress upon your jaw joint and increased damage to the enamel of your remaining teeth.

Placing Your Prosthetic Implant

By inserting an implant post into your jaw, we can mimic a tooth’s root to support a prosthetic above your gumline. The biocompatible nature of your post allows it to fuse permanently with your oral tissues to support your bite for a lifetime. After healing, we can place a dental crown that functions and looks just like your missing tooth!

Speak With Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Restoring Your Missing Teeth!

By seeking a replacement when you lose your tooth, you can stem the harm from this condition and restore your smile! Modern implants can last a lifetime while supporting natural-looking prosthetics. To learn more about receiving a replacement tooth, schedule an appointment with your Ankeny, IA dentist, at (515)207-6182.